Achieving the Perfect Fit: How to Properly Tie a Corset

Achieving the Perfect Fit: How to Properly Tie a Corset

When it comes to enhancing your natural curves and feeling confident in your body, corsets are a timeless choice. These undergarments have been a staple in fashion for centuries, and for good reason. They can accentuate your figure and give you that coveted hourglass figure. However, achieving the perfect fit with a corset requires a little know-how, especially when it comes to getting into it and ensuring every lace and clasp is tied properly. Join Scarlett Gasque as we walk you through the steps to properly tie a corset, along with some valuable tips for ensuring a comfortable and flattering fit.

Tying a Corset

Choose the Right Corset

Before you begin, make sure you have a corset that fits you properly. It should be the right size for your body, and the material should be sturdy and comfortable.

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Measuring your body for a corset is an essential step in ensuring your product fits your body correctly. Wearing a corset that doesn't quite fit isn't just a fashion faux pas - it's a health hazard waiting to happen! Following the Scarlett Gasque measuring tips can ensure that your corset hugs you in all the right areas, revealing your inner showgirl...


Measure right at your bra line. Make sure you measure parallel to the ground.

Natural Waist

Measure where you bend side to side. Usually about 1" above your belly button.

Upper Hip

Measure at or just below your hip bone. Just above where you bend when you sit.

Torso Length

Sit in a chair, place the measuring tape centred under your breast and extend the tape to the top of your thigh. Be sure to sit straight.

Need help making sure your corset is the right fit? Head to our Size & Care guide here for more information on how your corset should feel on your body.

Start from the Bottom

Begin by loosening the laces at the back of the corset. The corset should be fully open before you put it on. Hold the corset with the laces facing your body, with the front busk clasps in the middle.

Position It Correctly

Step into the corset and pull it up to your waistline. Make sure the busk clasps are centred on your torso.

Close the Busk Clasps

Starting from the bottom, fasten the busk clasps one by one. It might be helpful to have a friend assist you with this part. Ensure the clasps are securely fastened.

Tighten the Laces

Begin tightening the laces from the top and work your way down. Make sure to pull the laces evenly on both sides to maintain balance. Tighten until you achieve your desired level of compression. Be cautious not to overtighten, as it should still be comfortable to breathe.

Cross and Pull

To create a secure and flattering fit, cross the laces over each other, and then pull them tightly before tying a bow or knot at the waist. Tuck any excess lace under the corset to keep it tidy.

Obsessed with corsets as much as we are? Check out our History of Corsetry blog here to see how the undergarment evolved throughout the years to reach your wardrobe today!

Finding Your Perfect Fit

Measure Accurately

Before buying a corset or basque, take accurate measurements of your waist, bust, and hips. Refer to the manufacturer's size chart to select the right size - you can find the Scarlett Gasque chart here!

Season Your Corset

If you're wearing a corset, it's advisable to season it before wearing it for an extended period. This involves gradually tightening it over several wearings to allow the fabric to adapt to your body.

Wear Proper Undergarments

Choose the right underwear to go with your corset or basque. You can shop all our gorgeous thongs and knickers to find your perfect match!

Practise Good Posture

Wearing a corset or basque naturally encourages good posture. Embrace it, as proper posture can enhance your overall appearance.

Tying a corset correctly can help you achieve the perfect fit and feel confident in your attire. Remember to choose the right size, take your time with the fastenings, and adjust the laces or straps as needed. With a little practice, you'll master the art of these timeless undergarments and feel your best in any outfit. If you’re having trouble getting your corset to fit you like a glove, you can always get in touch with a member of our team for more tips and tricks here.

Looking for inspiration on how to wear your corset for any occasion? Head to our gallery page here to check out our fabulous Gasque Girls wearing the latest pieces from Scarlett Gasque!

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