10 Reasons Why We’re Obsessed with 100% Silk Satin

10 Reasons Why We’re Obsessed with 100% Silk Satin

At Scarlett Gasque, we love satin! It has a smooth, lustrous surface that’s unmatched by other fabrics with a different weave type. But did you know that all of the satin we use for our lingerie and corsets is made from 100% silk?

Why? Because satin made from silk (also known as silk satin) is the softest of them all! It drapes beautifully over curves and has a natural sheen that can’t be replicated by any other fibre, be that natural or synthetic.

We thought we’d share the love this summer season and tell you 10 reasons why we’re totally obsessed with this gorgeous fabric. But first, let’s find out how silk and satin are produced to clear up any confusion about the two terms, and don’t forget to check out Scarlett’s top 5 silk satin looks at the end of this article so you can join in with our silk satin obsession!

Let’s get started…

What’s the difference between satin and silk?

There’s so much confusion around the terms “satin” and “silk”… Some people use the two words interchangeably, when actually they’re completely different things!

Satin is a weave type, a way to weave threads together that produces a shine on the face of the fabric, and it can actually be made from all sorts of different materials. These include natural fibres (including silk, cotton and wool), semi-synthetic fibres (such as acetate and rayon) and fully synthetic fibres (like polyester or nylon).

Silk, on the other hand, is a natural fibre that’s produced by small, white caterpillars called silkworms. They make the fibres with fibroin and sericin proteins to create cocoons so that they can metamorphose into silk moths. These proteins are what give silk its unique, luxurious properties.

To produce silk, you need to carefully unwind the cocoon fibres to form long silk threads. These threads can then be dyed and woven in lots of different ways to create beautiful silk fabrics with various finishes, including:

  • Charmeuse
  • Chiffon
  • Crepe de Chine
  • Dupioni
  • Organza
  • Mikado
  • Silk satin
  • Silk velvet

Our favourite of these is silk satin, of course!

While synthetic satin aims to imitate silk satin's natural and soft sheen, synthetic satin tends to have a more glossy appearance and a less supple feel. It can be less kind to the skin and unflattering on the body, so it’s important to know what materials you’re investing in. At Scarlett Gasque, we use 100% silk satin in all our products, and this is clearly labelled in our product material descriptions.

However, material transparency is not always easy to find. Some vendors use words like “silky” or “silken” when describing synthetic satin products instead of reserving those words for products made from natural silk fibres. Keep that in mind next time you’re shopping for a silk dress or lingerie set!

Now you know the difference between satin and silk, are you ready to hear why we’re totally obsessed with using 100% silk satin for our luxury lingerie and corsets?

10 reasons why we love silk satin

1. It’s luxurious

Silk satin is smooth, naturally shiny and feels great against the skin. Synthetic satin, on the other hand, feels coarser and is less supple – it never quite manages to replicate the natural, gorgeous sheen that comes from using real silk!

2. It’s strong

Despite its delicate appearance, silk is one of the strongest natural fibres out there. Remember to store your silk satin pieces away from direct sunlight to keep them stronger for longer, and carefully follow washing & care instructions!

3. It’s thermoregulating

Silk is a natural insulator which means it keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Synthetic satin is less breathable which means it can be clingy and uncomfortable to wear in warm conditions.

4. It’s elastic

Silk has natural elasticity – it can stretch slightly and return to its original shape without losing its form. This makes silk satin perfect for figure-hugging garments like lingerie and corsets!


5. It’s absorbent

Silk can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp. That’s right, it actually wicks sweat away from your body so that it can evaporate, which explains why silk satin is such a popular choice for sleepwear and underwear!

6. It’s lightweight

Silk satin fabric feels barely there against the skin. This is especially important for underwear, where heavier fabrics can feel restrictive and uncomfortable. No, thanks!

7. It’s hypoallergenic

Silk satin is ideal for people with allergies or sensitive skin. Unlike synthetic satin, which tends to be treated with chemicals during the manufacturing process, silk satin’s natural fibres and breathable qualities mean it’s far less likely to cause skin irritation.

8. It’s biodegradable

Since it’s completely natural, silk decomposes without leaving behind any harmful residues. Synthetic fibres, on the other hand, don’t degrade over time and so contribute to environmental pollution.

9. It’s comfortable to wear

Silk satin is super soft and feels gorgeous against the skin. It’s also less prone to static build-up than synthetic satin, so you won’t experience any clinging or nasty shocks when you wear it.

10. It looks great

Silk satin drapes beautifully and perfectly conforms to the body's contours without feeling restrictive. In silk satin, you can look and feel your best at all times!

Scarlett’s top 5 silk satin looks

Fallen in love with silk satin like we have? It’s easy to see why this luxurious fabric is our favourite… Whether you love its elegant drape, hypoallergenic qualities, or the way it naturally keeps you cool, silk satin nails it on every level.

Why not add some to your collection? Check out Scarlett’s top 5 silk satin looks below and bring this gorgeous fabric into your life ASAP!

1. The Gasque Lace Corset

Price: £480

View Corset

2. The Wisteria Silk Bra and Knicker Set

Price: £130 + £50

View Bra View Knicker

3. The Emerald Garden Corset

Price: £450

View Corset

4. The Kiss-Me-Quick Waspie 

Price: £300

View Waspie

5. The Forget-Me-Not Robe

Price: £650

View Robe

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